Clients can expect highly-trained instructors, exceptional music, inspirational visuals, latest bike technology and luxury amenities including on-site nutritionist, healthy snacks and meal options offered daily, spa shower with hair dryers, flat irons and luxury beauty/bath products in addition to the traditional must-haves like complimentary towel service, filtrated water and CYC-OLOGY TIME gear.
The experience is personalized and tailored to your specific needs and goals. CYC-OLOGY TIME is designed for all skill levels using a compassionate and practical approach to life balance through fitness, camaraderie and encouragement.

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  • New to indoor cycling. Am I going to be able to do this?

    Absolutely. We are here to cater to any level of expertise. Inform your instructor of your concerns or physical ailments and they will help make necessary adjustments. Our motto is “It’s YOUR ride, YOU decide!”

  • Do I need to be in shape?

    No. Cycling is for all ages, genders, and fitness backgrounds. Our classes will vary in levels, however our Studio is a judgment-free zone designed to lose yourself in your own ride. It’s your “ME” time.

  • What should I know before my first ride?

    Our main focus is fun and safety. Come ready to find your “ME time”. Arrive early to get fitted on our bikes by our staff members. If you feel uneasy during class, excuse yourself and ask for support at the front desk. We care about you, your health, and your entire transformation process. Wearing a heart rate monitor is suggested.

  • How do I get started?

    Before your first ride, you need to sign a waiver found here on our website. You can either print it or bring it with you or use a digital signature on our website. We strongly suggest arriving early for proper bike fitting and a “Welcome Tour” of our Studio.
    *Please note minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by and adult and have a signed waiver. Athletes under the age of 18 must have waivers filled out in their name and signed by a guardian.

  • Do you offer a class for beginners

    We offer a workshop and tutorial class to get everyone acclimated with indoor cycling. This is the perfect class for anyone wanting / needing one-on-one attention. This workshop is not required to start. You can still start and take a class with no experience. Our Instructors and staff are here to help you.

  • How should I prepare for my first ride?

    Drink plenty of water before class. Staying hydrated is an integral part of being healthy. Do not ride on an empty stomach. A small snack is recommended 45 minutes before your ride. Please wear comfortable exercise / training / athletic clothes.

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    Just bring good vibes and your personal reason for riding! Come ready to sweat and water to stay hydrated. We offer filtrated water in our hydration station for easy refills. The use of a heart rate monitor is recommended but not required.

  • Who are the instructors?

    All of our instructors are individually picked. Each will bring their unique passion for awesome music, energy, and coaching. Feel free to learn more about their personality via online bios found HERE.

  • How do I book my classes?

    It is simple. Create an account, fill out the waiver, and purchase a package of ANY size that best meets your individual needs. Your first ride is on us!

  • Do I need cycling shoes?

    Not necessarily. We highly recommend clip-in shoes for a much more efficient and safe workout but not until you are 100% comfortable with riding. Our bikes are equipped with double-sided pedals with clips and cages for sneakers.

  • How many “tons” of calories do I burn per session?

    Our riders typically burn between 400-900 calories. It’s YOUR ride so you get out what you put in.

  • Do you offer anything other than cycling workouts?

    We are all about cycling. We do offer a variety of classes where our riders will have the option for an alternative core and upper body toning workouts. Circuit Training as well as personal training is also available. We offer a one-stop shop to provide you with an essential healthy lifestyle where organic, nutritious meals and snacks are easily and conveniently available.

  • What do I do if I need to reschedule a class? / Cancellation policy?

    You can cancel or reschedule your seat within 2 hours of any session. For extra assistance or for unusual circumstances, call the studio. For those with unlimited packages, late cancellations will result in a $10 fee applied to your account. No-shows will be charged $20.

  • What if I am on the waitlist?

    If another rider cancels before class, you will automatically be added and receive an e-mail and text notifying you. You can also pop in the studio right before class to see if there is a last minute bike available. Our clients are always welcome to come in, visit, and listen to our music.

  • Do you have showers?

    We have a shower with spa-like amenities along with complimentary towel service.

  • Want to have a private party, CORPORATE EVENT?

    Our studio is the perfect place to host your next event! We will give you one-on-one attention and a unique personalized playlist. Contact us via e-mail or call the studio for more information.

CYCLING Etiquette

  • Please arrive early for class. We will only hold reservations 5 minutes into class.
  • NO cell phones allowed in class. Unplugging for 45 minutes is part of the journey.
  • If you must leave early, please tell the instructor ahead of time or signal to them on your way out.
  • Put your belongings away, not next to your bike. We are a community. They will be safe.
  • Wear clean clothes. 45 minutes of intense sweating with others in the same room. No need to explain.
  • Clean your sweat after your ride. We keep every bike spotless but we welcome the extra cleanliness.
  • Be courteous to one another. Build friendships and rapport with other fellow riders and the Cyc-ology Time family.